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Needs Based Tech Scouting

We go beyond scouting. We find.


We define Needs Based Tech Scouting as the search for specific technologies that are missing and critical for your product roadmap development.

We support R&D, engineering and product development departments.


We do not engage in innovation theatre or startup showcasing. We focus on finding the right technology for your needs.

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Tech Scouting

You want to develop a new product but lack a specific component or technology.


90Collective helps to find the missing tech for a breakthrough application and serves as proxy for the tech due diligence.

Based on our extensive network of technology providers and skilled panel of experts we help save time and effort in the sourcing and due diligence of solutions.

Stay on track with your development roadmaps as our searches take on average 2-4 weeks to yield results.

Contact us to list your tech need.

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Develop Your Organizations Scouting Capability

You want to develop your own tech scouting capability and repository to stay ahead of the technology curve and enable quick responses to your customer needs.


Companies often have multiple systems and groups responsible for tech scouting, leading to inefficient use of resources and missed opportunities.

90Collective supports in the training of tech scouts, setting up tech scouting frameworks, and the development of a central tech repository. 


By aligning tech scouting systems, methodologies, language and frameworks, you enable your organization to effectively scout, share and experiment with new technologies. 

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