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We are a collective of talent.

We have a wide range of backgrounds channeled towards Tech Scouting and Commercialization. 

We value collaboration and transparency. 

All our engagements are maximum 90 days by design to maintain Focus, Agility and high-quality Results.


We do not focus on "selling big and hanging on." Our approach is to let results speak, and collective confidence grow.

We engage for win-win-win.

Meet with us for an open discussion about collective value creation.

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Past Projects

Tech Scouting

Our specialists supported a hearing aid manufacturer in their search for a high energy density rechargeable battery for their next generation hearing aids.

Tech Scouting

AI biosensor technology for massage chairs

Market Access Analysis

Market Access to South East Asia

Ideation Programme

3 Month Ideation programme for a Fortune500 company generating 173 ideas.

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